Beautifully showcase everything your restaurant has to offer.

The Smartmenu App showcasing the main dishes on a tablet.

Say goodbye to paper menus!

  • Never print a menu again

    Showcasing your menu on tablets means you never have to worry about printing your menus. Every dish is synced directly with Smartmenu and your menu is always up-to-date. Out of bread sticks? Simply hide them from the menu with a single click.

  • Reduce waiting times

    The waiter is at your customers’ fingertips. Your customers can call the waiter if they want to order an extra drink or just pay the bill. This eliminates unnecessary waiting times and optimizes you staff’s workflow.

  • Increase customer satisfaction

    Give your customers the voice they always wanted. With our customizable & discrete feedback functionality you can read what customers liked and disliked so you can improve your business even more.

  • Everything your restaurant has to offer

    With Smartmenu you can display even more information about your drinks and dishes. Showcase your wine card with extras such as the regional origin, pictures of the winery and tag them as sweet or dry.

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The Smartmenu App showcaseing a restaurant's cocktais.