Plan your daily menus, publish them on your website and present them beautifully on tablets. Never upload your menu as a PDF again.

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Publish your menus directly on your website

Tired of constantly updating the menu on your website? Use the Smartmenu Widget to showcase your all current menus directly on your webpage. Your customers can explore and filter your menus – everything from À la carte to brunch and daily menus is directly synchronised and always up-to-date.

  • One-time setup

    You only have to setup the widget once! Every change you perform on the menus will be automatically update the menus shown on your website.

  • Consistent Design

    The widget integrates seamlessly with your website, so that your website’s colors and fonts are automatically applied to the menus.

  • Mobile Friendly

    Instead of trying to view a bulky PDF your customers can actually browse and filter your menus directly on their mobile.

  • Course Menus

    Easily showcase your course menus. Breakfast, lunch and dinner menus can be composed with a few clicks.

  • Translated Content

    A French-speaking person in Bern would automatically explore your menu in French, whereas a German-speaking one will browse it in German.

  • Flexible Configuration

    Create several widgets and adjust them according to your needs. A widget can be configured to hide the prices or show your wine card exclusively.

Showcase of drag and drop with the Smartmenu Calendar.

Schedule your menus with a simple drag‘n’drop.

Plan and schedule your menus ahead with the Smartmenu Calendar. You can manage your daily and weekly menus with a single drag-and-drop.
Automatically reuse old menus or plan for major events. And the best part – your menus are always synced and up-to-date.

Manage your products and link them with allergens.

Manage your products in one place and link them easily with allergens. We provide you with the 14 allergens according to the EU regulation on food information. Just link them once and they will be shown everywhere.

Auto-complete everything

Just a few keystrokes and your products will magically appear. No more cumbersome Copy-and-Paste between Word documents.

Smart Allergene management

Assign your allergens to a dish once and then reuse the same dish on different menus. The allergens and tags will persist everywhere!

Post your menus directly on Facebook™

Reach even more customers by directly posting your menus on Facebook. Your social media followers can always review your menus and they are always up to date.

Share your menu

Post your menus to your business page. Reaching more customers has never been easier – your Facebook fans will see your menu directly in their news feed.

Keep your business page up-to-date

With just a few clicks, you can embed your widget on your business page on Facebook. This way customers who visit your page can always see the current menu.

Quickly design and print your menus

Quickly print your menus directly in your browser. Design your menus by choosing different fonts and sizes.

Directly In Browser

Printing your daily menus with allergens has never been quicker. Just print them locally or to PDF and use them later.

Say goodbye to paper menus!

Tired of printing? With the Smartmenu App you can showcase everything your restaurant has to offer. Decrease waiting times and increase customer satisfaction. Our tablet solution is available for Android™ and iOS™.

With Smartmenu you can display your menus digitially and interactively on tablets.
With Smartmenu you can internationalize your menu.

Translate and localize your menu

With Smartmenu you can easily translate your menus in more than one language. Tourists can see your menu in their own language which in turn brings even more customers.

Manage your Translations

Translate your products on the Menu an keep the translations saved. If you use the product again in another menu, the translation will be ready.

Always the right Language

Your menu will be loaded for your customers in the right language. For example, a tourist from Italy will see the Italian translation of your menu automatically. It’s that simple.

Who recommends us

Peter Teglas

With Smartmenu I’m saving time daily and I always have a good overview of my menus. Spontaneous last minute changes on my wine card are no longer a problem.

Peter TeglasWeinfach
Christian Valek

Thanks to the menu calendar I can plan ahead my coffee creations for every event. Furthermore my customers can always check out my current offers.

Christian ValekCreative Beans Eventagentur
Maximilian Berggold

My chef can now trully focus on preparing new and spontaneous dishes. Keeping up with him and updating the menu has become a piece of cake.

Maximilian BerggoldCafé Nest

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